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OK, imagine if you will, an 80 watt pelt sandwiched between two apogee gt's.
Yes there is a cold plate in there.

Mounting Pressure would be approx 150 lbs. sq inch

The hot side is cooled with water, the nice thing is you can drop the temp of the water to near zero way more easily than you could with air. Imagine an insulated res( cooler)
with a couple of 2 litre pop bottles frozen, dropped into the cooler, like hevy gaming in summer, dropping the temps of the hot side way down
Put a hoody on the rad and all of a sudden your efficiency sky rockets

The cold side apogee gt would be implemented into your water cooling loop,
a totally separate loop.

There would likely be some condensation proofing needed, but nothing crazy as
I figure I'll be lucky to achieve anywhere near sub-zero temps. In fact , it will just be like having more water in the loop, like maybe 1 gallon. so temps are just going to take a long time to go up or down. Actual delta will be nominal. If air circulation in the case is good you might not even need condensation proofing.
But that's a big if!

I reckon, 3-5 degrees below ambient, water temps.
No, not setting the world on fire, but phase change is just too much of a worry.
This is easy and if done right could afford some extra!
At least if the pelt blows up, i still have water cooling, just not enhanced watercooling!
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