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I think I'm mostly worried about air from a reservoir running up a tube when the pump is NOT running. As I type this, it occurs to me that if the res input port is always below the res water level, then there is no chance of res air getting into the res intake line. (Of course there's no chance of air getting into the res->pump line, or downstream of that, when the pump is running, as long as the res level is above the res output port.)

So maybe my issue can be solved by considering reservoir design/mounting options, to ensure that I use a reservoir whose input port can always be below the res water level. If I can guarantee that (eg, don't use any waterfall res designs that would allow air into the res input port), then I could be sure that the top mounted rad would have no air bubbles after the initial bleeding process.

Does this analysis seem reasonable to you? Have I missed anything?
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