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Default Mount and bleed a top mounted radiator in HAF X case

I see that it is possible to mount rads flat/horizontally in the top of the new cases, below the default fans that come in the top of new cases such as the HAF 932, or HAF X.

But in these setups, how can you ensure that air bubbles don't collect in the rad, since it is the highest point in the case, well above any reservoirs in the 5.25 bays, or lower down in the case? I'd really like to mount a rad up there in a HAF X case, but not until I am convinced that air won't collect up there in the rad...

Maybe someone has done this before and can comment on how they solved the problem? (The only solution I can think of is to COMPLETELY fill the whole WC system with fluids, with no air spaces in reservoirs (or waterblocks, or tubes, etc) that might accidently crawl up a tube or be pushed by the pump up into the rad. Thanks

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