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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
As far as folding goes... it's a great replacement for the 8800/9800/250 for folks who're either looking for a budget single folding card, or more importantly multiple cards for a folding farm.

When I was looking for folding farm cards (admittedly this was a while ago), even the 250s were high(ish) pricewise, and the only cards that could come close to this kind of output started around $250.

If the #s stand... the output is pretty close to what I get with my GTX275, and pretty well on par with what I get with my GTX 280. This is with the two cards running the older GPU2 client.... running the GPU3 client (which the 450 does) in my experience comes with a 10 - 15% penalty for non-fermi cards. Sooner or later the GPU2 WUs will run out and we'll be forced to accept that penalty which will make the output of the 450 look even better.

I admit that the 460's newly announced pricing would make the decision a bit harder, but atm the lowest price I can find for any 460 is $179 while the 450 can be found for $139. $40 is a fairly large difference in price when you're looking at a budget card, especially if a person was looking at getting two or more of them.

Hopefully I'll have one folding fairly soon to see if the PPD of 8.5K on an OC'd card stands the test of time. ;)
I agree with this. I am looking for two new cards to replace my 285s with (to save on my power draw on my breaker), so the ~60w I will save from two 450 cards might be useful. The 460 is still mighty tempting though. PPD/watt-wise its a toss up, but for those on the edge of what the breaker can do this might help a little.

In the meantime, if the 460 goes down in price at all, then it would still be the card to go with....right now, its a toss-up in my books.
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