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Default Razer Lachesis

First off, This is going to be a short and sweet little review, Mainly because im not very impressed, and I have no camera to show my mouse.

Anyways the pros to this mouse are pretty obvious when it arrives. On the box you have written 4000dpi. Thats INSANE, but if you are use to high sensitivity its great. The polling rate is from 125hz all the way to 1000. This mouse really out performs all others with technology. The 32kb synaps memory on the mouse is very handle if you plan on going to a buddies place for gaming. If you want you can save all your custom profiles into the mouse. The mouse is designed for comfort for both left and right handed people, but I do not in fact find it comfortable. Unlike other mice out there it is without a thumb rest or anything to actually make it comfortable, And its also massive. If you have a small hand, DONT GET THIS MOUSE.

Cons: well cons would be that its impossible to find a good surface for this mouse, Ive used several different mouse pads and each one has small flaws of compatibility with it. Right now I can start clicking on my desktop and not move the mouse at all, and from me clicking even though its completely stationary, the mouse quickly makes its way around the screen. There could be a few reasons for this, the mouse buttons are harder to push in then most mice. Or some flaws exsist that razer doesn't know about wether in design or they just need to update their firmware. What ever the case may be this is terriable for playing fps. If your one to switch to your pistol and unload clips in the blink of an eye. good luck. This mouse like I said will focus on heads quicker then anything in the world, but there is definitely no way it will stay there once you click.

There it is, my little rant on about the pros and cons. No pictures and not much of a review, but I wanted to warn people about how bad it is before you spend some cash.

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Razer Lachesis
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