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Question Is it really possible to get all the @#%$ out of a Thermochill PA rad????

I'm in the process of transferring my loop into a 700D and when I drained the current loop there were obvious flux flecks in the water.

Prior to initially installing the Thermochill PA120.3 I followed the cleaning instructions found on this and other forums. Hot water soak / shake it like it owes you money / repeat I can't recall how many times until what appeared to be a clean water rinse.

Now I have a PA120.2 to add to the loop and it and the PA120.3 are proving to be the bain of my existence for the past 2 days. I've even used a 1/3 diluted vinegar solution shake for a couple of seconds followed by repeated water shakes/rinses and a tap hook-up that allows a hot water flushs for hours at a time.

But I am still getting @%@$^ flux in the rinse water.

Has anyone actually been able to completely clean a Thermochill rad? If you have could you please share your secret!

Cheers, Talon

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