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My System Specs


Thank you all for the replies so far; quick and helpful

I pulled my motherboard out of the case (as it would have been impossible to get the cooler out without breaking something else or injuring myself). In doing so, I also got to remove the expansion cards (all I have now is CPU, 4x2GB RAM, and DVD-RW plugged in, running Linux off my board's IGP). The problem still persists - both /proc/cpuinfo and my temps readings with an IR thermometer agree that my CPU is still running slow

Thankfully my parents bought themselves an AM2+ quad desktop 7 months before I got this one, so I have quite a few parts I can try for swappage:
  • other CPU - Phenom 9500 B2 stepping
  • other PSUs - some 300W HP OEM that I don't know about or a 400W Coolermaster
  • RAM - various 1-2GB sticks of DDR2-667 or DDR-800
The only thing I cannot swap is motherboard, since putting my 125W Phenom 9950 in my parents' puny HP Pavillion is sure to burn something.

What kind of voodoo may swapping my PSU do? IIRC there's no digital handshaking between a PSU and mobo, aside from power good which would have tripped a different problem.
From your suggestions, the next swap I'll do is CPU, with my parents' Phenom 9500. If that 9500 doesn't run at its stock 2.2 GHz then I can eliminate my 9950 as a cause, correct?
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