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My System Specs


+1 for HDD cloning - you're looking for trouble if you try copying the files and hoping the registry works.

The Windows 7 install on my primary rig has went from an HDD to a SSD and back to an HDD (needed the SSD for a laptop) with no problems, except for a little issue with alignment of the OS partition.

One note about HDD cloning is that you may lose the alignment of your OS partition if your SSD is empty when Acronis copies the partition over to it. Acronis True Image (and possibly others) use a Windows XP-style partitioning which will make the "partition starting offset" of drive "C:" equal to (32768-512) which does not play well with an SSD that has 4k sectors. (since 32768-512 does not divide evenly by 4k)

If you have the ~100MB System Reserved Partition at the beginning of your HDD, you should be fine, as it seems to be sized such that your primary OS partition will start at exactly 101MB, which is 4k aligned. Otherwise I'd check the alignment of the OS partition before and after you copy everything over.

To check alignment, open up "System Information" (type that into start menu search) and then go to Components -> Storage -> Disks. The "partition starting offset" should be divisible by 4096 without a remainder.

EDIT: slight clarifications
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