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My System Specs


Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
What are you planning to use as a card in your first rig?

If you're planning on replacing it with something you can game on, it might be more cost effective to leave the 280 in it, and pick up a single higher end card for the new build.

Other than that, looks like a decent build, although folks are going to let you know that you've gone overboard with the PSU, even if you decide to SLI two GTX280s. :)
I'll be replacing it with an 8800GT. I'll only be using it on weekends so I'll survive.

I was only going to get a lower wattage PSU, but I found a price match for the 1200 watt for only $4 more, so why not have the upgrade room.

Originally Posted by _dangtx_ View Post
nice(expensive case). same with psu. unless you buy now to have upgrade room later, which is fine. i suggest you get more oomph in the gpu department.

now, if you have waited that long, and intel(and amd) are releasing new stuff within stone throw's reach? maybe have a bit more patience?
The case was not actually that expensive, compared to others, but more then what I am used to spending on mid towers :P

Nope, I need it now! :D
For the price I got away with, I don't think the new parts coming out would compete price wise. Had I waited, it would only be another stone throw away until the next release anyways.... What I am getting now is a big upgrade compared to the current that will allow me to upgrade. Besides, I am not looking for a Powerhouse.....right now :)

I am going to be upgrading my GPU at some point, but for now a single 280 runs my games just fine, And if I can find another 280ssc I'll be fine for a while while spending a fraction of the price.

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