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Those temps are very weird for a 5770, especially on an Accelero. I smell a contact issue. Hold up the card horizontally to a light source, and peak at the part where the heatsink makes contact with the GPU chip, and see if you can see a gap of light coming through. If you do, then it's a defective heatsink (pic below on what you should be looking for, though it's not your card/cooler) and you should RMA it.

If you don't see anything, take the heatsink off and check the base plate surface carefully to see if there is a slight concave on it that would make the heatsink not touch the chip properly. If you do, then it again means a defective part and you should return it.

PS: Why installing an Accelero when the stock cooler for the 5770 works perfectly fine at keeping the temps and noise low?

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