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My System Specs


Originally Posted by LarkStarr View Post
go tighter, don't be afraid to add pressure. the heatsink needs to make good contact with the chip in order to transfer the heat. no, using a lot of thermal paste won't help that, and yes you can use too much.

also for some reason I doubt that stock 5770 cooling at load was below 70C.
it was cause for a stock cooler i had the MSI Twin Frozer II on my graphics card... and it kicked ass.. just not enough cause i wanna do an overclock

Originally Posted by Closed Note View Post
I don't actually know about GPUs but I'd do the same as I do with CPUs, I always go as tight as I can, little by little, from corner to corner. That way I'm always sure it's not the seating ^^ I never managed to crack a CPU by tightening it.
thanks for the quick responces
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