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Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
Do you use the machine all the time as well? This is my main gaming, PVR, media, and file server machine. It has 90 processes going 24/7 and 20 HDD/SSD's hooked up to it. I think this is likely the biggest reason I can't get good ppd out of my SMP client. W/ the GPU clients shut off it can do about 30k ppd w/ just the SMP bigadv going. If may also be a GPU3 thing. Each client takes 3-8% CPU usage. I also can't increase the priority of the SMP client as watching TV is impossible due to stuttering.
I don't think tge GPU3 clients are the culprit, but each case is differents of course. In my case, my main rig when I'm not using it (980x @ 4,4 ghz with 2X GTX 460) is doing about 52 000 ppd for the newest -bigadv (ex 2685, 2692) and 21 000 ppd for the 2X GPU 3 clients.

If I do some gaming or web surfing, it is always the windows SMP -bigadv client that drop in PPD, never does the GPU. (Well I don't game very extensive GPU game I must say... ex: Heroes of Might and Magic 5) And thats is where it hurts, when it drop, it drop of 15 000ppd when I'm using it. So like it was said before -bigadv unit points are really base on bonus point, so a slight decrease in TPF means a lot less points.

So if your main computer have always 90+ process running, it is sure that it will hurts! In my case just web surfing does hurt! Maybe try it a couple hours totally dedicaded to FAH to see the PPD diff.
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