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Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
The fan holders only fit 25mm thick fans. The good news is that most 120mm fans are 25mm thick, so that shouldn't be a problem. However, I think you should just use the wire clips. They really are not that difficult to work with.

The version of the TRUE that comes with the black fan holder only includes one, whereas the version with the wire clips includes two sets. If you want to mount two fans with fan holders, then you need to buy one separately. That's why most people with that version of the heatsink only use one fan.

That is the east/west orientation.
Thanks, Zero!! 'Glad to get a reply on this. That's news I wasn't aware of.

I found the clips to be a pain. I guess I was doing something wrong. But, I did look at a few images in which the clips were used. Also, if you drop them and they disappear, that could be a problem. :) The fan holder seemed to eliminate potential issues or hassles. But, not sure if I want to spend $12 on one of them or double that for two.

Have you heard of anything about modifying the backplate?

Thanks again for the reply. I hope to have this set up real soon.
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