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This thread will be the work log of a computer that I finished about a month ago. I do a lot of builds, and a lot of custom builds, but this is the first build i've done that I thought was sufficiently different from the rest to warrant a build log.

The Inspiration for this build came from the old (and new) arcade style pay for play machines. You know the kind, they usually have a couple light guns, or a steering wheel, they do something different. Thats what i wanted to do with this build, something different, but "pay for play"

Because this "computer" would be acting in a similar manner to the old arcade boxes I was presented with a couple of unique challenges;

1: Control. How do i give the user enough control to enjoy a game, but not enough that he/she has the ability to use it for purposes other than it was created for?

2: Payment. How do I charge to use it?

3: Content. What can I offer that is sufficiently different, and exciting enough for people to want to pay to use it?

4: Reliability. How do I make it reliable enough that it can be left unattended and used by unattended people?

5: Proofing. How do I keep people from intentionally / unintentionally wrecking it or stealing it?

6: Cost. How do I do all this within a reasonable budget?

Because this build is so much more than a family computer and because of the amount of actual custom work done to it, I've decided to post this work log. Anyone who enjoys this work log can also thank the guys in the IRC channel for buggin me to post it. ;)

Ok, first thing first. This computer is actually going to be sitting in a public location. The location is a Pub. The pub has a minor theme, there are a lot of older "antiqueish" items at the location, so I tried to find a way to incorporate "Antique" Into the build. Yes i know what your thinking... Antique? gaming computer? Ha! an your right... like oil and water really but I think I pulled it off.

I was sitting around my ol' mans farm, going through kijiji with my ma, looking for a suitable cabinet to put this together on. My mother was convinced that I should use a cradenza for the build (click the link to see what a credenza is) I thought it was a good idea too, it pretty much seemed to be just what i was looking for.

We spend the afternoon checking around, looking for one in the area that was both affordable, large enough, sturdy enough and antique looking enough for the build. Not an easy task to get all those requirements in one I'll tell you. So we took a break and had a coffee with the old man, we were talking about It and of course he didn't have a clue what a credenza was either, so I showed him. He said
" That looks like that old record player I've got in the shed"... "Oh?" I said " lets go take a look."

The cabinet looks a lot like a credenza with two major differences. One, this cabinet is an old record player, so its got a lid. Lid you ask? why is that important? Two words. Keyboard Drawer. Two, it really IS an antique!

The hole from whence it came ;D

Check out the Authentic antique spider webs!

Oh, did i also mention that it had an 8 track player too?

This thing is so old, it was built before they invented CABLE MANAGEMENT !

OK, at this point I gutted the thing an chucked out all the electronic parts. I had so much fun that I forgot to take pictures for "after" the gutting. ;)

KK folks, I hope I tickled your interest buds because there is A LOT more to come, but I'm out of time for today. I'm going to finish gathering all the pictures That I've got for this build and try to organize a bit for the rest of the log. Again, this build is already COMPLETE, so you wont have to wait months to see how it ends ;)

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