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My System Specs

Default thats what i was after

thanks shredder
Great thats what I was after to narrow down the problem (temperature and memory). BTW core never gos above 59oc

I was adjusting the core with memory at stock when getting the artifacts. The difference between the "find the max core" and when yellow dots appear (with no "errors") is huge.

Strangely the most stable overclock in terms of "no errors" is when I overclock the core a little followed by the memory and stick to the "grouped" frequencies in this review IT-review hardware - OCing 8800GTX - manual and factory mode.
I have also found it to be more stable if the rest of the system is at stock.

I'll add some MX-2 to my swift-tech GPU MOFSET's as I think its the temperature around these thats the issue-the TM thermal tape just didn't seem substantial enough. Anyway I'm happy with 621, 1053 and great core temps but those pesky yellow dots and no errors!
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