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USB 3.0 chipset uses NEC D720200F1

Second USB 3.0 chipset, designed as a front USB Port

The motherboard’s southbridge is an Intel P55 chipset, a single chip design that combines Intel Southbridge and Northbridge.
The silver heat sink below is a PLX PEX 8608, with an additional PCI-E bandwidth, allowing SATA3 and USB 3.0 to gain increased bandwidth.

The motherboard’s northbridge is an NVIDIA nForce200, whose major function is improving PCI-E bandwidth and supporting 2~3-way SLI technology.
The Black Series is ECS’ high-level motherboard, with Qooltech III design dual heat conductors.

Startup Screen

BIOS Main Page

M.I.B X functions to adjust timing, parameters and power supply
In this page you can adjust the CPU multiple frequency, CPU/DRAM frequency divider and DRAM parameters

More detailed DRAM parameters, CPU external clock adjustment and other overclocking functions

Voltage Page
CPU Core Voltage -0.900~+0.945V
CPU VTT Voltage -0.800~+0.630V
DRAM Voltage -0.800~+0.630V
PCH Voltage -0.800~+0.630V
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