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Default Overclocking Efficiency of the ECS’ Newest Black Series P55H-AK with 3-way SLI

Several newcomers have entered the motherboard market in recent years,
and thinking back on it, I actually miss the old days of intense competition between all the various motherboard manufacturers.
Nowadays consumers see fewer and fewer choices, many of which belong to the three major motherboard manufacturers.
At the same time, it seems that motherboard prices are getting higher and higher;
if there were a greater variety of manufacturers vying for customers within the market, consumers would be the true winners.

ECS has returned to the Taiwan market this year, and has put a lot of effort into giving its new motherboard products some exposure.
ECS seems to be on-par in terms of pricing, while ECS’ current OEM line of products are making strides in the high efficiency and overclocking realms,
resulting in an additional choice for high-level motherboards.

Intel has consistently set the LGA 1156-spec P55 chipset at the mid- to high-range portion of the consumer market.
Compared to the LGA 1366, the P55 lacks SLI support, multiple tasks PCI-E bandwidth support, and DDR3 technology support.
However, some high-level P55 products are able to connect external chipsets to strengthen the areas that are lacking.
The ECS P55H-AK I obtained is one of the few P55 products with high-level specs, which I will discuss more below.

First, looking at the exterior appearance of the P55H-AK, you notice that they use the less common colors of black, gray and gray-blue.
The product looks different from other motherboards since the colors used are very similar to one another,
resulting in a stately, solemn feel without seeming to overbearing.

Included Accessories
English manual, installation guide, driver CD, and a front panel USB 3.0 port

SATA cable, 2~3-way SLI Bridge

Lower left corner of motherboard
3 X PCI-E Gen 2.0 X16, supports 3-way CrossFireX and SLI technologies, bandwidth of X16+X8+X8
2 X PCI-E X1
Realtek RTL8111E dual LAN chipset, supports Teaming

Lower right corner of motherboard
6 X white SATAII, P55 provides SATA2 specs, supports RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 10
2 X gray SATAIII, Marvell 9128 chipset provides, SATA3 specs, supports RAID 0, RAID 1
In the upper left is an external USB 3.0 Port interface, Power and Reset buttons and an internal Debug LED

Upper right corner of motherboard
4 X DIMM DDR3, supports 1066/1333/1600/1800(OC)/2000(OC)/2200(OC)/2400(OC), and DDR3 up to 16GB.
DDR3 1800 and above specs require overclocking to achieve; to the side is the 24-PIN power input.

Upper left corner of motherboard
LGA 1156 CPU installation area
The CPU pins are protected by a 15μ gold coating, providing 3x the durability and anti-oxidation and anti-scratch protection.
P55H-AK adopts a 12+2 power supply, which is a P55 power supply design that is among the top in the market.

clr CMOS button
8 X USB 2.0(red/black)
2 X USB 3.0(blue)
2 X eSATA/USB 2.0 dual-usage red)
2 X RJ-45 internet port
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