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My System Specs


What I did was I just took off the shroud and slapped a Sanyo Denki fan salvaged from an Intel stock cooler hooked up to a fan controller on there. It gets me significantly lower temps at slightly lower noise. Undervolted, it gets me good enough temps for gaming while being fairly quiet. (nowhere near silent though)

That's the cheapest route. (free)

My beef with the older aftermarket coolers is seemingly inadequate VRM cooling. Those things are handling 200+ Watts, I'm not trusting it to a heatsink that seems wimpier than the stock cooler. YMMV though, JMO.
The newer and affordable ones such as the Gelid have seen less than stellar reviews, so I haven't considered them at all. (one site complained about the mounting system not fitting properly with the GTX470)

Another cheap alternative is to buy the backplate/highflow bracket from EVGA. A lot of people are reporting slightly reduced temps of 5-10C.

For me, I'm looking to get a backplate as cheap as possible and keeping the current fan on it.
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