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Originally Posted by ipaine View Post
Well a little while ago they had a survey about what they should call their new service. One of those choices was Optik.

The thing is I really don't think that it is overly mis-informing. I mean most general consumers will do not even get the differences between fiber and dsl. But I will agree that for all of us that are more technically inclined it can be misleading at first.
I find the name itself misleading, Fiber Optic -- Optik? It's sneaking marketing.

They don't bluntly say it's fiber in advertising though? Bell does this. Sure Bell might have fiber to the remote, but from there to the house is still old copper wire of questionable quality.

Anyways, glad to see it's working well for you and you get some pretty awesome speeds.

Do you have a XBOX360 on it too? I think Telus was doing some tech demos with XBOXs for IPTV?
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