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well, sometimes one must speak sense, even me right? :p


amd dual core regor based model number 240 or 250 whichever is in stock. mobo wise, if you chose ddr3 or ddr2 go for either an 870a(100$) or a cheap 785g with onboard just in case you need that too for around 75-80 bucks, theres a few models both from giga and asus that are ok, prefer the ga-785 myself

lcd wise, look for a deal but i say get either the new 23 incher from sammy or the 24 incher thats been out for a little while. for around 200-250 tax in you cant go wrong, especially if budget doesnt allow 2-3 times that for a 'better' lcd :)

edit : and yes,again,if you go duallie amd you can fit a gaming rig in that budget :)
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