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Originally Posted by CroSsFiRe2009 View Post
Nice update! That looks extremely good! Is there going to be an led in the front button hole? Think that would make it a bit cooler. Also, any other mods planned?
Thanks bro! I'm putting the original button back, or at least that is the current plan. I'll see if I can manage to do something creative with it tho. It would be cooler.

I got some plans, or stuff to do. I'm currently waiting for some money, as I'm broke ..Again. But some acryl is getting bought. I'm doing an SSD/2.5" HDD thingy in the front, for the drives, that I do not yet have (I burned my SSD! :'(. ) Anyways, this will be done as soon as I can afford the acrylplates, I'm also doing a custom roof, or top? Whatever you may call it. This will also be made in acryl or plexi. So you can look at the hardware, without the risk of having a smal cat, your nephew or anyone else putting their dirty little pawns on your hardware. :-P

I have done something quite cool with plexi already. Under the motherboard, I've mounted plexi, and then put 4 white leds in it, so it's like.. a square form, about the size as the motherboard that's iluminates the whole thing really nice. I don't have any good pictures of it, but I guess I can give you a bad one. It's from before I powdercoated the case white.

So, enjoy that somewhat embarrassing picture.

But hey, give me some response on my plans, and I would like some more response on how you all think my paintjob turned out. :-) I'm going to do something creative with orange paint also on the case to, so stay tuned. ;-)
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