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Originally Posted by Bubbzilla View Post
The computer only has the 300w stock PSU so it would need a new PSU. Prolly would get a 500w silverstone PSU

The mother board is Ecs Rc410-M2 V2.1 Lga775 Ddr2 Sata Board
I am going to replace the current ram with 2 sticks of Kingston ValueRAM 2GB PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM
The processor is Intel Pentium 5300
What would be the best graphics card for this biuld?
is the GTS 260 any good?

any help would be appreciated. Thnx
nice psu, but look for something cheaper since everything else wont eat much, maybe an antec earthwatts 430? by the looks of it im thinking the 380 could work as well, although a bit on the louder
side due to different load.

Originally Posted by bvsbutthd101 View Post
speaking of the 260, I'm powering my friends computer with a 260 on a 300w power supply.
Don't know how it's working.
some 300 watt units do deliver a truckload, but are very few. do get us a part number, pretty please. ive personally upgraded dells and compaqs sporting 300 watt deltas with 8800gt's or better :)
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