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My System Specs


lol yeah i have had an on and off relationship with that site since the late 90's it used to be that you could go there to read about any new hardware and be 'up to date' on whats going on, but lately they have been slacking hard, and occasionally they seem to put out an article that is 'questionable'....

i like the fact that they added a 'fail' option to the grading system, but it looks like they had far too high expectations in terms of noise and installation. if im putting a huge ing fan in my system, im not going to cry when it turns out to be loud. and installing after market hsf has never really been a quick job in my experience (with every one i have done requiring the mobo/tray to be removed). im not sure what these guys are judging against in terms of failing products, but it must have great temps, a <5 min install (tool-less) and be silent to make these 'fail' by comparison

i cant wait for the next installments...i want to see what they make of some of the more popular models out there.
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