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Originally Posted by jdrom17 View Post
Just because something new is "around the corner" doesn't mean you should suffer in the mean time There's ALWAYS something new that's coming out when you buy something. Fact is, you have to just say F*** IT and buy at some point. Whenever I look back at my receipts, I always question, "Why did I buy this at that time? Look how insanely expensive it was!" but then I just go "Meh" it lasted me for x months/years.
The main reason is that, there's probably less than 6 months (maybe?) left until the new intel socket rolls out and that's not much time. So I see no worth in plunging into a 1356 socket board with overhaul (basically just buy a new computer lol) right now. Now if this was 6 months ago, then sure, I wouldn't mind.
I just want to "leave aside" enough money to really go all out at this point, so I'm just waiting.

I'll watch around for any good i5 deals (should really have picked up that recent one at NCIX) and probably take a swing at it. Maybe even consider adding that NB fan. My 6700 runs pretty warm right now though since my case cooling sucks hard. But we'll see. Kind of sucks that NCIX didn't refresh/restock a lot of their sold out deals for this week. =[
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