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I'm wondering about these fans, too. I was going to order, maybe two, but I thought I'd inquire here first. They were out of stock before but now they're available and I can price match as well.

They're a decent deal, under $5 (I think) but I wonder how they compare to Nexus and Yate Loon case fans which were my other choices (when the Gelids were out of stock). I am not sure if they can be undervolted but I want a good combo of low noise and cfm or high cooling.

Case is Antec 300, other fans include a Yate Loon and a Scythe S-FLEX SFF21F but I was going to use that one for the cpu/ Thermalright Ultra Extreme 120 heatsink combo.

I hope I didn't crap too much on the thread... I'm asking about the Gelid fans so I thought ask here rather than a new thread of the same fan or bumping an old thread of mine... ????

The undervolting is interesting, too. I read about the Gelid fans in reviews on ncix and newegg.... I still couldn't get a comfortable feedback opinion on them. Reviews seem mixed but for the price, maybe they're fine factoring that in? I'm like the OP in wanting quiet and not liking any type of noise but at the same time, the case is an Antec 300 so I will need good cooling (might need it for the future video card).
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