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My System Specs


Just because something new is "around the corner" doesn't mean you should suffer in the mean time There's ALWAYS something new that's coming out when you buy something. Fact is, you have to just say F*** IT and buy at some point.
+1......its never a good time to buy if yor always thinking whats coming out period! Dont get a 5870 as Fermi is launching soon....dont get a Fermi as ATI is launching the "answer" soon......don't get a 1366 as Intel will be launching new Socket soon yada ada yada.....why use old tech when new is out thier...hell I7 1366 has been available for how long now? Got my 920 a year ago last Feb.....
As far as Intel Socket out soon or not, you can't go wrong with a 1366 Tri Channel Kit.....if too much..I5...why not....or keep your CPU and get a decent Mobo to OC it.......

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