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Default New Swiftech H20-X20 Edge cooling kits

Click here for Press Release

Originally Posted by gabe at XS
Hi Guys;

Following a long established tradition, I wanted to give the members of this forum some sneak pics and info on the upcoming series of H20-X20 Edge cooling kits. To the members of the Media who frequent this forum, please wait for the upcoming press release prior to publishing news about this.

This is not a "casual" release for us, as we consider these devices to be the next step in the evolution of consummer liquid cooling kits (Darwin, can you hear me :D ?)

The kits are based on no less than 3 (three) NEW products.. ready?

  • Revision 2 of the MCR X20 Drive heat exchangers: allows installation in both horizontal and vertical orientations :cool:
  • New MCP35X pump, with PWM control, variable speed from 1300 rpm to 4500 rpm :cool:
  • New Apogee XTL water-block, a budget-friendly variant of the XT with same performance, but a Delrin housing, and no reversible ports cover :cool:

Here are the pics:

H20-220 Edge

H20-320 Edge

The new MCR-X20 Drive Revision 2 series:

and finally, the new Apogee XTL

I personnaly installed these kits in several systems, the first one back at CES earlier this year where I demonstrated a silent system equipped with an overclocked quad and (2) GTX295's in SLI (had to demo it in a hotel room so ppl could hear the absence of noise), the second in my own workstation :p:, and the third in a high end system built in a mountainmods case for EVGA at Quakecon. Installation of the kit took me less than an hour, and the performance range is simply superb.

The kits include all kind of goodies, several hardware packs and a radbox for multiple radiator installation strategies both internal and external, hardware for a case fill-port cover, and an installation CD that took me months to prepare, including 24 detailed 3D models of various case configurations. Here are snap shots of a few examples below:

Regarding performance, you guys already have all the information you need, since I used these kits to perform all my tests in the articles posted here and here

Here are some more clarifications that I'm sure will come up in subsequent questions:

New MCP35X pumps: no pics, since it is built into the radiator... but I can certainly hint that a new pump with a Swiftech hi-performance top is upcoming this month.

New Apogee XTL: this waterblock will not be sold individually until the end of September.

And now for MSRP pricing:

H20-220 Edge: $309.95
H20-320 Edge: $339.95 :cool:
MCR-220 Drive (Rev2) with MCP35X pump: $212.95
MCR-220 Drive (Rev2) without pump: $131.95
MCR-320 Drive (Rev2) with MCP35X pump: $225.95
MCR-320 Drive (Rev2) without pump: $144.95
Apogee XTL: $59.95

Availability: we are starting to ship to retail channels this week, so expect to see the products at your favorite Swiftech store by mid-end of next week.

I will be monitoring this post today if there are any questions.

Looks like a very decent all in one kit, perfect for WC starters like myself :D
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