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My System Specs


Q6700 is rather old, 65nm tech and all. Not even a "true" quad-core, rather two dual-cores side-by-side. And you're running it on the cheapest of cheap P35 boards, so it can be expected that it doesn't clock too well.

If you can feasibly afford a i5 750/760, I'd say go for it. It'll last you for a fair bit of time IMO and I think you'd see some fairly decent gains. Probably not 30-40% though, but it depends how high you clock that i5 up. Should probably consider clocking your HD5850 as well...

Just because something new is "around the corner" doesn't mean you should suffer in the mean time There's ALWAYS something new that's coming out when you buy something. Fact is, you have to just say F*** IT and buy at some point. Whenever I look back at my receipts, I always question, "Why did I buy this at that time? Look how insanely expensive it was!" but then I just go "Meh" it lasted me for x months/years.
Most would say I bought my i7 920 at the worst time too, months after it was released, no major price differences, then a few months after prices start to drop, USB3/SATA6 comes out, the 930 comes out, etc. However it has served me very well up to now and into the foreseeable future. Sandy-bridge will only be quad-core until the end of 2011 or so when the 6-cores finally roll out. I really doubt a quad-Sandy will be worthwhile upgrade over a quad-Bloomfield.

And I suppose if the i5 doesn't yield likable results, you could return it and suck up the 15% re-stocking (or whatever) or attempt to sell it on here. Either way you should get back most of your investment.
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