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My System Specs

Default What am I doing wrong here? Messed up PPD or setup.

I had to lol at my own topic.

Anyways. Here's the scoop.

see specs listed on my spec page.. it's all watercooled with EK waterblocks / etc.
OS: Win7 Home Premium
Clients: CPU 6.30, GPU GPU3 client

When running CPU and GPU client, the CPU was registering 40,000 PPD and the GPU is 16,995 PPD. This hasn't changed for the past 3 months on client 2685.
Due to heat, im turning my systems off - and turned my GPU off yesterday. I check today and without my GPU running, the CPU client is at 57,000 PPD exactly.

I skoffed at people when they said they were getting 50k PPD on the clients (2685 to be precise) because I could never see that much on my system. However now i'm boggled.

Boggled I tell you!

WTF am I doing wrong.?... running the GPU client doesn't help me any?

Theories, explanations.. I don't go on many forums other than this or NCIX, and have 0 time to research this.

My first thing i'm going to try is -smp 11, and run the GPU client on the core that isn't in use.. other than doing this manually in windows, I've heard of programs like Prifinity or something. Well, I could try that when my folding rig gets back into working mode.

Help a folder out!

I'll learn to manage my anger, when people learn to manage their stupid.
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