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Default GTX 470 Underclocking Problem

Hey guys, bit of a problem here. I recently bought an MSI GTX 465 Twin Frozr II Gold Edition off a fellow in Florida. The Gold Editions are pretty much guaranteed to unlock and he had his running stable. Since I got it I've had nothing but problems with it, but finally today I was able to be furmark stable, at least for 10 minutes before I closed it. See, it crashes at stock clocks/voltage, but after I overclocked it and ran it in furmark it was stable. I was excited until I realized that the Core/Shaders were downclocking to 405/810 speeds. Memory overclock stayed at 1700 mhz. Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening? Or how I could fix it?

Edit: I reverted back to stock clocks. Furmark and GPU-Z are showing the stock clocks, while CPU-Z and MSI Afterburner show the underclocked speeds.

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