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Originally Posted by MAK View Post
So if the P4 is just acting as a router, did you ever think of replacing the old P4 with a router? A router with both wired and wireless ports would connect to the SHAW modem at one end (the WAN connection) and allow you to use both wired and wireless ports at the other end (the LAN end).
That's all that should be done in this case IMO. Unless there's an absolute reason/purpose of this P4 system, I'd say take it out. If you use the P4 for browsing, then just plug it into one of the LAN ports on the new Wireless Router.

You should have the modem plugged into the router's WAN/Internet port (it'll be labeled) then all your computers that need Internet access plugged into the LAN ports (typically 4 of them). If you need more ports, then plug your switch into one of the LAN ports.

And just so that you are aware, those are not static IPs by any means. They're private addresses. Typically a static IP refers to your external, public IP being constant, which it is not unless you pay extra for it. That 192.168.0.x number is just what your modem's DHCP server dishes out. Basically your modem has some router capabilities.
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