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I'm not sure what the old P4 computer is doing in there in the middle: Is it a gateway? Simply acting as a bridge?

Long time ago I had an old Pentium III acting as a gateway between the outside world and my internal network. But replacing it with a small router made lots of sense (especially in reducing complexity and saving on the cost of electricity).

So if the P4 is just acting as a router, did you ever think of replacing the old P4 with a router? A router with both wired and wireless ports would connect to the SHAW modem at one end (the WAN connection) and allow you to use both wired and wireless ports at the other end (the LAN end).

The above may be technical in nature and if you are not into networking could be an issue. Simpler solutions:

1. Replace the switch with a router that has wired and wireless ports. The router does not have to actually work as a router: on most of them you can disable Upnp and DHCP server on the router, change the LAN IP address to one of your static addresses and use it as a switch and wireless access point. Do not plug in anything into the WAN (Internet) port of the router. You continue to use the static IP numbers with all wired and wireless network connections, and all you have to do is setup the wireless (and security).

2. Plug in the router to the switch, and do the same thing as step 1 above.

3. This is more technically challenging, but the advantage is that you won't need to give every device a separate static IP address: you could make the router use one of those static IP addresses (192.168.0.xxxx), and have all wired and wireless computers connecting to the router get an IP address from the router in a different subnet (like 192.168.2.xxxx - you set this up by setting the router's address and enabling the DHCP server):

-Plug in the router (using the "Internet" port) to the switch, then change the settings on the router:
-Set the WAN connection type to "Static IP", and give it one of those IP numbers, add DNS and mask etc..
-Set the LAN (network settings) of the router to, subnet mask
-Enable DHCP.
-Enable and setup your wireless settings and wireless security.

Hope this helps, and good luck with it...
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