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Default Static IP's from ISP and Wireless Setup - Help

Guess I'll try and be very simple, so as to avoid any confusion.

1. I work at a computer where several computers are connected via Static IP's provided by our ISP (Shaw)
IP :
Subnet Mask :
Gateway :
I'm no networking guru, but as long as the IP's last few digits are changed between a certain range, it works. Any changes to any other number will cause that computer to not connect to the internet.

2. We don't currently use a router.
Shaw Cable Modem > Old P4 Computer > Ethernet Switch (not sure if 2. matters in my question)

3. We're trying to add wireless to the setup.

Now my first question is...
1. Can I use a router in this configuration out of the switch? If so, how do I enable it (general idea) to accept and relay internet connections? (I'm confused as how to do this, due to the internet we receive being Static IP's.)
Or do I need to put the router ahead of the switch? (Ahead of the computer relaying the signal as well?)

I'd greatly appreciate any help regarding this issue.

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