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My System Specs


Sadly it seems as though reviews of the mid level hardware are lowering in numbers, While we can Read 100 Reviews on the X58 Classifieds / Rampage III's etc We can't seem to find information on the Mid Level gear.

I am planning on building a new computer soon (ordering this week or next) and I am trying to find out which motherboard to get. So far my specs are as follows:

Corsair HX850W (Psu)
Corsair Dominator 6gb DDR3-1600
2x EVGA 460 SuperClocked (EE)
Intel i7 930
Lian Li PC-60FNWX
(HDD's and Blu-Ray are comming out of my Old PC)

I plan to put a small OC, nothing too big and Air cool it with a Noctua D12

While I can find reviews on the X58 SLI, I can't seem to find anything other then a Preview on the X58 FTW3. I had originally planned to put the FTW3 Mobo in, but I am now stuck between that and the X58SLI. If anyone has used either board I would love some input. While, I understand the X58SLI is more then sufficient for my needs as I do not plan any huge OC's I just want to know how the support, and how the board overall performs.

(I really miss seeing mid level reviews, seems like only yesterday that if a piece of hardware would be even semi popular it had more reviewers then purchasers, now, not so much)

Any information would be greatly appreciated
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