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My System Specs


Originally Posted by thorn View Post
I know you mentioned how the music quality isn't as good as a stand alone player, but how does it compare to other phones (iPhone, Xperia X10, etc...).

Is the usb on the phone actually a 'proprietary' plug or a usb mini plug.

Also, did you have issues with the GPS? There is some mention, at least in the states, that it has issues connecting to GPS or maintaining connection.
Well I compare it with a friend Ipod 4G so for the sound quality it's about the same. The only thing important to mention is that the default setting suck so you have to dig a bit in the option and the equalizer to find your best setting. Once you have them for a phone the sound is great. Really neat the best like sony ericson music phone or the Iphone 4G. Regarding the GPS the only real issue I ran in with is that sometime it will go fine and then will lag a bit ( take few more second to update ) but this is only when receiving a phone call or a SMS or when getting the apps back from the background when multi tasking so not a real issue.

Finally the USB, Samsung list it at a USB mini plug because it's a variant of the standard mini USB. But it's proprietary. BUT! Unlike many other phone, you can get the power cord for 1to 5$ on the internet.
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