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Originally Posted by FiXT View Post
Yes, already mentioned the Sabertooth - but again, every one of those is already over the price of the EVGA model. Not to mention they are already established in the market and unlikely to go down in price. I would expect actual retail prices of the EVGA model to drop by $10-$20 within the first few months after release.

If it retails in Canada for $199, then it will be one of the lowest price x58 ATX mobos around.

I don't know how many EVGA boards you have owned or used, but I definitely wouldn't be taking Biostar or ASROCK over them unless they offered exceptional price discounts. Asus I would consider, but TBH the Sabertooth is just plain gawdy.

Gigabyte, well definitely, but for a buddy on a budget $30 can be a lot.
The MSRP of the EVGA board is in USD, so I would expect the street price in Canada to be at least $210. X58 boards usually don't change in price until they're replaced by a newer model.

I haven't actually used any EVGA motherboards, but I've used BIOSTAR and ASRock products and they've been very good. I'd take a higher-end board from one of those brands over a low-end board from EVGA.

If you're building an LGA1366 system in the first place, you can scrounge up an extra $30 for a better board. We're talking about $300 CPUs, $200 motherboards, and $150 RAM kits here. It's not gonna be cheap no matter what.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I don't find this board appealing at all compared to other budget options. Sure, it's an EVGA board, but all it's got behind it is the brand. In terms of features, it's beaten out by other boards in the same price range.
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