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My System Specs


I agree with all the points you brought up in your review. I recently aquired a Galaxy Vibrant S when I was working up north. Up there they only have Bell system so that is the carrier work used. I'm still partial to my Iphone over the Galaxy but mainly because I'm heavily invested in itunes especially movies and they are tied to my Itunes account so I can't port them over to another device. However one big strike against this phone for me was movie playback. I've got some movies that I've ripped to use on my Iphone and I tried them on the Galaxy aswell and my Iphone did a much better job displaying them. I found the Galaxy I bit more pixelated especially on darker scenes. If you don't watch alot of movies (I do because I travel alot) then this phone is an excellent option for those who wish to stay away from the much hyped and hard to find Iphone 4.

Edited to add:
One other thing I really did like about this phone was the expandable memory in the form of micro SD card. This is something I've always wished would be added to the Iphone but I know never will be.

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