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dude, seriously if your having that much trouble with multiple computers built by a company... regardless of their support the company cannot be said to be reliable. They are mostly right about being the best brand name company for gaming grade computers, but they're still crap compared to what enthusiasts can do.

I can understand what you mean about the support though, and your right it is very important, but at what cost?

I't sounds like you've been using dell for a while now, and that you've had alot of problems, and because of it, I'm going to assume that you feel that amount of issues with a computer are normal... its NOT. You shouldnt have ANY issues with hardware. Of course your going to get the "odd" problem, but dude, you've listed more problems in that last long post than i've had in the history of my personal computer experience. I'm sure i'm not the only one here that could say that.

I'll make you a deal bro, you pay me what it cost you to buy that alienware, I'll build you a higher quality unit and even give you my HOME number and permission to call me 24/7 for any issue you might have. I can say that because I know you wont HAVE any issues.

I'm not kidding. I have a place of business and everything. I'll do this for you. I've got dozens of builds worth of experience (yes only dozens, i dont "do" builds for a living, only by request, and almost always gaming grade computers) I've only had 3 support calls. 1 because psu blew on power outage and 2 because i used mushkin ascent ram in 2 builds and they both came back. I dont use that ram anymore.

But seriously man. Continuing to buy from a company because they have "good" support when they continuously sell you unreliable computers is ludicrous.

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