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My System Specs

Talking Favorite game console's and game's

I loved the Snes back in the day so much with great game's like MegamanX,legend of zelda a link to the past,super mario world, some of the best rpg's Final Fantasy III, EarthBound aka Mother 2 In JP, Chrono trigger, Street fighter 2 also Is a fantastic game. Reading that make's It look like Im a nintendo fan boy .

I loved the SEGA genesis with the SEGACD add on sonic cd Is the best sonic game ever, as well as! the one! the only! Nintendo entertainment system! or NES with It's huge 900+ game's like super mario bros, donkey kong, the ever so hard battletoads and mother only in japan I think.

The SEGA Dreamcast was one of the coolest things back In 1999 you could play online multi player surf the internet the was befor multi player on console's was new dreamcast was the first, the memory cards could play mini game's there had buttons and a littie lcd just a few things I liked about It, and If you like the xbox 360 the same people to made the dreamcast helped make the 360 but dreamcast's almost never brake down how and Dreamcast game's are coming to the 360 so go get sonic adventure for 10 bucks that Is a kick ass game puls look for more upcoming game's.

The atari 2600&7800 both classic's with game's like pitfall, jungle hunt Centipede, Commando, Crossbow, Desert Falcon, Dig Dug, Food Fight, Galaga, Hat Trick, Joust, Ms. Pac-Man, Super Stunt Cycle, Robotron: 2084 and Xevious and E.T.... just kidding Yar's Revenge E.T was just dread full but still there's a HUGE library of great game's.

Even the Commodore 64 kicks some ass an old 8 bit computer from the 80's very powerful and cheap too 595$ compare that to the Ibm with 16kb ram for 1565$ or the atari 16kb for 899$ or apple 2 48kb for 1530$!!!. The C64 with its' huge for the time 64kb of ram Is the best selling computer of the 80's and all time plus people still use the sid chip to make 8 bit music.

The playstation with such fantastic game's like MegamanX 3-4-5-6 and Megaman 8 (x6 sucked very badly) Metal gear solid that game Is just a master peace, Spyro the dragon very fun for kids you can even fall up the sky some time's , Crash bandicoot fun and wacky thanks sony!, the clasic sonic game's on the Genesis and Dreamcast made for years of fun to this day even!, monty on the run for the commodore had very good music and was hard as hell play It you will find out .

In conclusion video game's just kick ass and these are only these are only a few of my favorite game's and system's so tell me from what are your's? so leave a comment I want we see what your favorite's are!!!.
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