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My System Specs


I will try to provide you all with a perspective. When I first received my rig it was nothing buy problrms. Everything in it was making noise as well as thermal software being faulty.Dell replaced a bunch of parts including the front door panel. Why they did that I don't know.As Dell was unable to find a fix for ANY of the noise and heat issues,they decided to exchange my Area 51. They did send me another rig and upgraded it quite a bit.The replacement arrived and the machine was just as screwed as the first one.Dell replaced the I.O. board,the Power Supply,and the mother board over a period of six weeks.Everything in it was running hot. I figured the heat from the Proc. combined with hest from the Video cards and whatever else was somehow the problem. I tried all the video drivers thinking that the drivers could be a heat related thing but there was no real change.I must say,the 10.8 drivers did help quite a bit however heat remained. 85 to over 90c when gaming.My previous rig was a Dell XPS 730x with a factory overclocked i7 etc. Pretty much the same configuration as the Area 51 but with two Nvidia 280 GTX cards.There were no problems at all with that machine which my wife now uses.Also,when reading the Alienware Club Forums,there are few if any issues posted there regarding Nvidia. The great majority having video problems are those with ATI. As far as building a rig goes,Killswitch would build one for me and I trust him to do it but who do I call when the shit hits?Some of the problems I have had may well be nothing to worry about however,when you spend the kind of money I did for a Gaming computer combined with a Company saying they build the best,then that is exactly what I want.Period. As all of my previous rigs had Nvidia in them and that I feel more at ease with them,my new rig will have them.Don't get me wrong,the 5970s are super cards.I believe that with two cards in each 5970 is going to create a problem at the get go. When you put them in a machine with a pile of other high end stuff and they are not configured bang on,Bang On,you will have issues.Dell has assured me that the new one I ordered WILL be assembled and configured properly. If it is not,they will again refund.Dell has been very very good to me.
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