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My System Specs


Wow. I actually really like the aesthetics of this product. Maybe it's just the fancy lighting catching my attention.

Very solid performance, will probably be around $65 Canadian street price. Good option for air cooling. This will be on my short list to try out, I think.

Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
The price for this heatsink is supposed to be $57. The Hyper 212+ is $29 at NCIX. That's not a 2.5x difference.
The Hyper 212+ is $23.60 at Direct Canada, and regularly goes on sale for $19.99. His math isn't too far off.

Edit: Here's a methodology/chart question. Because AkG takes all these coolers, and tests them with different fans at different loads, would a "best case" scenario graph be possible or more desirable? For instance, the Gelid Tranquilo works best with the Scythe G fan according to how I read the chart. So one page with 3 CPU speeds, and a direct comparison of each HSF with it's most optimal fan at that CPU speed? It wouldn't require any more testing, just compilation of a different graph. We see the same idea when he includes the stock fan results on the low, medium and high speed fan tests. And it would basically give you the "best" HSF results all on one page.

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