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My System Specs


^^^^ The point is...someone is complaining of 95 - 100C GPU Core Temps with his Fan set to 90 - 100 % wtf.........of course its friggin loud...we all know that 90 - 100% Fan speed is intolerable on a 480...hell it was intolerable on my 280's and my 260's as well. With that said, if someone is seeing 95 - 100 C GPU Core Temps ( it Temps / Heat..ambient heat...thermals...whatever you want) have Case Air Flow issues...and YES...improving the Case Air Flow, will indeed lower your GPU Core temps while gaming and so will increasing your Fan speed.
It really is a simply concept...higher fan speed on GPU's and...more Case fans providing cool air and expelling hot air ......will lower your GPU Core, why am I only seeing 80- 85c @ 80% Fan speed playing Metro with everything "cranked" at 1920 x 1200 res...while others are seeing extremely high temps with even higher fan speeds? Unless those others are indeed pushing 30" Native Res or multi monitor systems they obviously have Case Air Flow issues....simple really, certainly not rocket science!! M GPU Core Temps dropped by as much as 8c by adding the 1 140mm Xiggy to the side of my case....that pretty much solved any of my heat...thermal....temp issues with these Cards I put it to rest and am happy with them....overall about 10c warmer (at load) then 280 / 85's...big deal?...nope ;)

Anyhoo.......I did come close to purchasing a 5970 or 5870 x 2 just before I dove into the 480's, but have absolutely no regrets, as I had none with my 8800GTX's, 260's, and 280's (you enjoying em Jay?)'re absolutely right Zero...I AM nvidia biased and will not dispute that at all, they've always worked perfectly well for me and when I'm purchasing multi Cards and want the Drivers to perform admirably..they why would I switch Teams....;) Perhaps one day ATI will blow me out of the water with some wonderfully grand top end product......yeah ..the 5870 whooped my old 280, but remember I had 3 of em and the Tri Sli scaling with those Cards was amazing and whooped a XFire 5870 ahaha

Its all in fun guys...please don't take anything personal or to heart...we have what we happy with what yo have or.....get rid of it....or fix it ;)

Its a good thing that we have two highly competitive companies always pushing for the Market........."The way it meant to be played" ;)

Cheers to all of you ...a big thumbs up ;)

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