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Originally Posted by grinder View Post
I'd set up a spare PC to host a simple web CMS (CMS Made Simple, Joomla, dot net nuke). They have plug ins for uploading your pictures to your web server, and you dont have to explain to your friends or family what FTP stands for... haha

CMS Made Simple and Joomla are best suited on Linux machines (a good little project actually).
Dot Net Nuke is windows based, it should run perfect on a windows xp machine with SQL Server Express edition (also free).

An old P4 will do perfectly, and you can actually host it on port 8080 or something like that.
Thanks a lot. The reason I don't want to go along with a full server is because with this option, I create more security risks, whereas with an sftp, I feel I'd have more control with regards to security. If you have a good HowTo to deal with security issues, such as those common to websites, that will be great. Thanks a lot again.
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