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Mr. Jack Rabbit. Why do people like you have to come along and try to ruin a good thing. What you said is a lie. There is nothing over at techspot except 3 pages of "thank you's" from members who have used my methods. Best to keep your comments to yourself!

Here is the tutorial at techspot for all to read:
Repair your noisy cpu and system fans - TechSpot OpenBoards

If you accidentally dump a tube of graphite on a running mainboard it might just fry it or cause intermitant weirdness
I didnt think i would have to warn anyone not to dump a tube of graphite on a running mainboard, lol.

As i said, i have done this so many times, never a problem. But that kind of response can cause another person to shy away from using graphite when thats not the case. One has to be careful with all products that are used on computers. You can cause problems with thermal grease as well, but its still used on most computers.
My method is totally safe to use unless of course you happen to be insane, in which case, you shouldnt use my method.

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