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My System Specs

Smile Video Cards

MM 88. I wouldn't be surprised if those ratings are fudged more than a bit. All I can say is I never hear it. My cpu cooler is the Ultra ChillTec. While it's not overly loud, it's loud enough to mask that fan. I used that same fan as a case exhaust in the Cosmos and never heard it over the cpu cooler even then. It impressed the hell out of me.
I don't know too much about wc systems, but how hard can it be. Heat transfer is the key. If the system isn't cooling enough, maybe more rads and fans would work. Higher volume flowing units could be explored if this was a home built as well. We used water cooling for our industrial hydraulics systems which is a large scale system. We added coolers when temps got high, and placed fans in strategic locations, rads, high heat generated components like pumps,...
You guys are the experts so I would like your opinion. I'm not so sure that a higher volume system would do much without additional rads and fans anyway. What else would you do?
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