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My System Specs


Originally Posted by martin_metal_88 View Post
Ok and after so much years you never figured out before that dual GPU single card was crap and now you cry because you saw these issue??? seriously...Take 2 5850 in cross fire and you won't have these issue. Also, next time DIY, pre-build system are crap and it's not new that they give issue.
Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
So what exactly is your problem with the ATI cards? Anyway, if you're concerned about heat, switching to GTX 480s isn't going to make anything better. However, there's absolutely nothing wrong with having your CPU running at 80C.
Guys, it's not the 5970's themselves that he's having issues with. IT'S THE DRIVERS for the cards that are causing issues and he's not getting the expected performance that he was hoping for in all the games that he plays.

The heat problem he has is with the 980x. In my opinion there's no way it should be running at ~80*C under load with water!

He told me about his plans over the weekend..... right away I called him and tried to talk him into letting me build his next rig for him. But he likes the tech support at Dell. He can call them whenever he needs to, where he can't always be bugging the crap out of his friends for help.

However Slik don't forget, you can ALWAYS look for help at Hardware Canucks!!!!! This place can be of more technical support sometimes then Dell (or me)!!

I kind of wish you would have went Christmas shopping in August at NCIX and let me put everything together for you.
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