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My System Specs


have fun with the heat and the noise.

did i mention the noise?

I've got 2 x 480 in SLI. they run hot... 96 degrees with the fans full out playing any game i've run. fans are noisy noisy noisy.

I dont like my 480s at all. cost way too much to have them water cooled so i could use them and not go def.

I should mention that the 480 is noisy.

Hot too.
This stuff really is getting old....I've Posted soooo many times I should simply "cut n paste' ;)

My 480 Sli's with my 920 @ 3.83 Ghz....Precision Fan Profiles:

Idle / Desktop / Web / MS Office etc etc = Fan Speed set to 55% = Barely Audible over my Case Fans (quite silent) = Max Temp 39C - 41C

Intense Gaming (Metro, JC2...yada yada yada) = Fan Speed 80% = Certainly Audible, but NOT obnoxious = Max Temp 80 - 83C

Bottomline....(from my experience with these Cards)...if you have to run the Fan at 90% or higher and still get Max Temps higher than 85C (in game), then you simply have to improve the Air Cooling in your Case.
In my System, I added a Xiggy 140mm Intake into my side window to force cool air onto the Cards, the TJ09 also has a front 120mm intake forcing cool air directly into the GPU intakes..

I love my 480's....but you really have to prepare your Case for them....or get WB's ;).......or as Linus said, get rid of em if you hate them that much!

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Introducing me n my OCD to Watercooling, is like taking an Alcoholic to an "all you can drink" Beach Bar in Mexico

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