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My System Specs


Thanks for the responses.

_dangtx_ - It would be great if I could take a video rather than try and explain :) I can't say what speed the fan is running at because when the temp climbs the fan slows down. It does not stop, I can see it turning, I just don't know what speed it is turning. Also, when this happens, no matter what I set Precision's fan speed to, it does not respond.

RJBarker - I will run through and try your suggestions. I had already unistalled MSI Afterburner after the last episode. I thought maybe it was the problem as I had read about a fan bug on another forum. I'll grab the latest drivers from EVGA again and sweep the drive too. I will also download the latest Precision and eLeet too. As for being from Courtenay, I just moved here from Winnipeg on a military transfer... I am extremely pleased to be here and I don't plan on leaving now that I made it :)

In case anyone is wondering what my specs are, it was in the sig, but I'll throw in what I can think of too.

Video is an eVGA GTX 480 vanilla, no overclock. Stock backplate with high flow on the way.

I have a Logitech G15 keyboard, and using Precision I have the data in the LCD so I can keep an eye on it. That is how I know it has crapped the bed on me as the display shows 100C + and fan speed at 70% but I know it isn't 70% because I can hear 70%! I did have a black screen of death, the monitor went black with the typical no signal error, the LCD display said my temp was 110C, GPU usage at 99% and fan at 100% but the fan was not blowing like a banshee. I couldn't alt-tab, but the music on my game was playing away cheerily in the background right up until I powered off to recover. I read about some black screen of death errors linked to software, but I'll have to go do more reading on that as it happened before I cleaned things up, but just once since I cleaned things up.

Anyway, I'll be back after I clean out the drivers and software, reinstall and then see what the heck happens next!

Thanks for the advice and ideas, I'll see what happens next.
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