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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Sushi Warrior View Post
So a 3/5 because.... no extra rubber mounts, flimsy top panel/no room for internal rad (in a mid-tower case? really?), a 5mm gap in a dust filter, and no room in the front panel for a fan controller. Oh and loose grommets and missing (or misplaced?) screws.
For a $110 case, those are all pretty valid complaints.
Originally Posted by martin_metal_88 View Post
Awesome review Meta! Just a little question on the case. I see that the screw use to secure the expension card like GPU are thumb screw. Are the hole like on a ATCS which is a little ring into a hole drilled in the case or it's just like most of the other case just a hole in the case? I was looking at the R3 and I don't want to end with the same issue my ATCS have. The little ring to screw in are all falling out. That mean I will need to call a new Motherboard tray. Not sure if you understand what I mean but I seriously can't find the right word. Ask me if you need me to explain a bit more or better.
Suck to be french sometime

Once again nice review! Everything is well explained! Would have been damn perfect with pic, sorry for your camera
Just for the record Martin, the Coolermaster online store sells the ATCS motherboard tray for $12.
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