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My System Specs


Originally Posted by CMetaphor View Post
While installing the PSU I noticed a gap between the bottom of the case and the air filter for the PSU intake. The bottom of the case is shaped in such a way that the PSU filter cannot sit flush with it and thus leaves a 5mm or greater gap around one of it's edges. To me, that pretty much defeats the purpose of having a filter down there, I ignored it and continued on with the build, only to find another nuisance waiting for me - the front door.
I don't see that as a real problem as long as the filter is flush with the bottom of the case around the intake vent. Since any dust will be coming from outside, the filter only needs to form a seal around the vent itself, not around the base of the PSU. The rest of your complaints are a bit disappointing though. A friend of mine just ordered the case along with the rest of the parts for a new PC he's building, so I'll see what the case is like first-hand soon enough.
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